About Us

Caring for our Carleigh can be a challenge at times. Between school, getting older, home life, occasional sickness, and a lively personality to add, it can be a lot to juggle around. Thank goodness Carleigh’s dad and I are professional circus acts and can juggle ten things at once. I’m sure some of you parents out there are wondering how we do it. I created this blog just for that. I wanted to create a space mommy, daddies, aunties, uncles, grandpas, and grandma’s alike can share their wisdom with one another to make everyone just that much better at being circus runners, pardon me, parents. We all could use some pointers on how to get our monkeys,  I mean, children, to cooperate, play nicely, and share. We want our children to grow up with values and ethics and we are learning so much ourselves. We will share our lives, caring for Carleigh, and we hope you enjoy it too.