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empowering our children

Empowering Our Children

To our little ones, making decisions and having many choices can be a little challenging. But may feel pretty awesome to them when they are given the opportunity by their parents to make the decision for themselves. This has helped my parenting a lot with Carleigh.

I like to believe that this also helps our little Carleigh with her self-esteem and independence. Uplifting our children is one thing we as parents should often do.

Have you heard of the rice experiment? A doctor had an experiment talking to rice. Yes, I said talking to rice. He put rice in a jar, spoke differently to the separate jars, and noted how the rice rotted over a period of time. His findings were incredible. What he did was spoke to each of the jars every day.

One jar he spoke love into, one jar he spoke hate into, and one he totally ignored altogether. After thirty days he would then check to see how they differ from one another. To his surprise, the one that spoke lovingly to didn’t rot that much. The rice that was yelled at and talked to hatefully, rotted to a black, disgusting-looking, moldy growing, mess.

The ignored jar of rice rotted similar to the hateful rice, if not worse. Why did they change in this way? This doctor understands that everything is made up of energy. What does this make you think? This should put it into perspective.

Our words are more powerful than you think. So encouraging words to our little ones are very powerful. As Carleigh’s parents, we always practiced using the right words. By the right words, I mean not using negative or discouraging words. We tell Carleigh she can do anything she puts her mind to. As long as she believes in it, she can achieve it.

We never tell her that she can’t. I remember when she was learning how to read. We continued to tell her how she knew how to read, how great she was doing, and we believe that she could do it. She was so frustrated for the period of time she was learning how to read.

After a little while, she started to read on her own. One day I had to acknowledge it and remind her how she’s accomplished something she thought was so difficult. And she was so happy for herself and she became so uplifted. She wanted to learn more challenging words and she believed she very much could.

We encourage our daughter by also reminding her of her values and ethics. Sometimes our children may lose sight of who they are. When they start to have friends and are exposed to a lot more they may need to be reminded of who they are.

We’ve had to do this a few times and I assure you, this is sometimes, all that is needed. We let her know that she is a well-behaved child, a role model for the younger children, helpful and caring. We sit her down and talk with her often to keep communication open and honest.

Be encouraging and honest parents. Our children’s minds are like sponges and they pick up on everything. They mimic and copy everything they see and hear.

Let’s fill our children with positivity so they may shine and share it with the world.