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Routines, Discipline, Awards for Your Child (More Important Than You Think)

Growing children need a variety of different things. Quality time, encouragement, healthy diet and exercise, and the most important of them all, love. There are things you can do to help these traits to be more beneficial to you and your child.

Adding a few tweaks could be all the difference you needed in your agenda. How many of you knew that having a routine for your child to follow makes them act just a bit less crazy? This also helps the parent to know when it’s time, and for what?

Start the day off right and you’ll always have goodnights. Create a schedule for your children. Make sure they know every move, every hour, and why it’s vital to keep on schedule.

Wake up, eat breakfast, go to school, come home, have a snack, do homework, play, dinner time, family time, and goodnight. Something as simple as this could change a child’s behavior around.

They have a boundary, they have limits, and they have a timetable of what was, what will be, and what to look forward to. Your children deserve to know what’s going on so let them know. It helps with their maturity so keep them in the loop.

Awarding and disciplining have turned my child from a misbehaving and disrespectful little girl to a totally different girl. She did a whole three-sixty turnaround and it has been great since we made this change.

All parents will have their own way of rewarding and disciplining their children which is fine. What needs to be put into action is being consistent with it. Consistency is key! Award your child when goals are met or behavior has been kept up.

Whether it be a lollipop or a trip to the movies, the main goal here it to show them that good behavior is rewarded. Discipline should be dealt with as a way to prove that bad behavior does not get overlooked. Take something away, timeout, however, you decide, go with that.

When adding these to your mad parenting skills make sure that you communicate. Don’t underestimate your children. They understand more than we all think and we don’t give them enough credit for it.

So let them know what’s going on, why you are doing this and how. They will more than likely be more open to the idea than it being spontaneous and out of the blue information. Add these small ideas to your bag of tricks and see how much greater your actors and actresses get!